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Do you need a fallen tree or branches removing? Call Dronfield Tree Services, we are on call to come and clear away the debris.
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Fallen Tree Removal near Me – Dronfield Tree Services

Do you have a fallen tree on your land that needs removing? Dronfield Tree Services are available for fallen tree removal from your property when you need them.

During the winter months our tree get battered by strong winds a rain, and are weakened by frost and cold. Inevitably some of the trees are going to come down and in the aftermath of a storm there is a big cleanup operation across the UK to remove fallen trees and branches. Sometimes trees fall for less exciting reasons, such as old age and disease.

Emergency fallen tree removal across a road in Sheffield by professional tree surgeon Dronfield Tree Services

Emergency fallen tree removal across a road in Sheffield by professional tree surgeon Dronfield Tree Services

Who is responsible for removing a Fallen Tree?

Not all trees that fall are the responsibility of your local council. It all depends on who owns the tree, and who’s land it has fallen onto. Obviously, if your tree has fallen onto your land, then you are responsible for it’s removal. If a neighbours tree has fallen onto your land, or a tree from public land is felled onto your property, then you should contact the relevant land owner. You may be liable to pay a part of the cost of the tree removal. You should not attempt to remove the fallen tree without first obtaining permission. Similarly, if your tree has fallen on someone else’s land, you should seek permission to remove the tree before you venture onto the other party’s property.

Call for professional help when removing fallen trees

Fallen tree removal could be hazardous and we advise that you do not attempt to remove a tree without the help of a qualified tree surgeon. Even if the tree is blocking access to your property, you may get injured if you try and remove it yourself. No matter how inconvenient it may seem, call for professional assistance, we can guarantee it will be less inconvenient than a trip to casualty!

Prevention is better than cure – remove dangerous trees

Sometimes the warning signs are obvious that a tree is unsafe and needs removing. Again, seek professional advice and assistance and do not try and fell the tree yourself. Old, rotten and diseased trees are fairly easy to spot. It makes sense to remove these safely way before time to prevent damage to property and personal injury. A professional tree surgeon will remove the dangerous tree safely and conveniently. Don’t wait until the bad weather hits – most tree surgeons will be busy after a storm or during the winter months. Arrange for the tree to be removed before it’s a problem and you will be safe from injury and litigation.

For professional fallen tree removal in the Sheffield, Chesterfield and Dronfield area call Dronfield Tree Services and we will clear away the debris safely and efficiently.

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